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You can find all the designs we’ve done for housing groups below - they’re open source and easily editable. Paste them everywhere...

Designs for RENT STRIKE - a network of university “cut the rent” groups across the UK and Ireland opposing high rents and poor conditions with rent strikes and other direct action.

*The two top left posters are collages from 1950s Air France Posters.

rent strike the rent is too damn high
rent hike? rent strike!
rent strike weekender London
rent strike nite
everything for everyone rent strike cut the rent moon poster
join a tenants union we're stronger together poster for London renters' union Acorn and Living Rent

Poster for ACORN, Living Rent and London renters union to encourage people to join these organisations. ​

Poster for Living Rent around the theme of no evictions. 

Poster for The Fight Continues magazine. Collage from 1950s Air France Poster.

London renters union demands no evictions! suspend rent! Coronavirus poster

Poster for London Renters' Union during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Poster for Sacramento Tenants' Union.

Collage from 1950s Air France Poster.

Poster for Los Angeles Tenants Union​

everyone has a right to a home. either give it to us...or we take it!
rent strike we can't pay we don't pay
build tenant power poster
homes for people not for profit poster
Resist the evictions.jpg

Poster series for Living Rent during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Stop all evictions living rent coronavirus poster
no more empty homes living rent coronavirus poster
immediate housing for the homeless living rent coronavirus poster
suspend all rent living rent coronavirus poster

Click on posters to download printable and editable copies

Everywhere in the UK we've sent our housing posters to for free. For every set of 8 posters we sell for £20, we send out 80 posters for free, to go up on city walls. Contact us if you want some to put up in the streets.

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