• Autonomous Design Group is an independent collective of designers, artists and creatives opposed to capitalism and authoritarianism.

  • We maintain that the aesthetic is of vital importance in the terrain of political struggle.

  • We aim to offer artistic support to a wide range of groups and movements and encourage everyone to contact us for designs.

  • We are open to new members; send us a message if you would like to get involved.

  • We use a combination of collage, creative graphical elements, strong typography and colour palettes to depart from the usual red and black style of the left - an aesthetic which we believe comes across as dated and out of touch. 

  • The communication of ideas in an approachable and clear way is especially important given that the coming years will define the future of humanity. We have until 2030 to prevent being locked into ecological collapse.

  • We believe in building and supporting popular, unmediated struggle against capitalism.

  • We reject art as an object of bourgeoisie enjoyment: artists have mainly only interpreted the world in various ways; the point however is to change it.

  • Our goal in the mass dissemination of ideas through the street in order to change life. The placing of art onto the street should not just be a one-off thing, a small act of rebellion, photographed and catalogued into an object, which can later be turned into a commodity and sold. Instead posters and stickers should be produced on mass as cheaply as possible, everywhere, repeated thousands of times over, affecting the geography of space, and millions of people’s consciousness.

We've also been featured in articles for Vice and Elephant Art Magazine.


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All our work is open-source and licensed under Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).