Autonomous Design Group Logo

We are a design collective using art for liberation, against capitalism and authoritarianism.


Art should not be used to prop up the system, it should be used to enforce political change. There is no point in art if it sits inside galleries and social media is only a tool -  the streets are the real galleries of the people. 


All our work is open-source, editable, and printable so it can be mass produced and pasted everywhere over and over again. We want to confront people with leftist politics in their day-to-day lives: in the street, on the bus, on the hoarding of that new block of flats on your way to work.


We face a multitude of crises. It is now completely clear to us that we are faced with a choice: barbarism caused by capitalist climate disaster and poverty, or a new world based on autonomy and liberation. To bring this new world into reality, ideas must be communicated in an approachable, clear, and accessible way.


We use a diverse array of styles and techniques to build upon the different anticapitalist artists before and around us. It's not about us, our background or individual gain; our aim is to propagate ideas through the streets and reclaim art for the people.  Art shouldn't be a commodity for the elite of the colonial core to enjoy, but should instead be used to affect change. 


For art to be taken back by the people, we also recognise that artists are workers. We aim to be in a position where everyone in ADG can be paid enough to sustain ourselves for the work we do. Too often design work is underpaid, precarious, and seen as inessential despite the fact that much of the world we live in is designed.


We believe in building and supporting popular, unmediated struggle against capitalism. We offer artistic support to a wide range of groups and movements and encourage everyone to contact us for designs.​


Art belongs to the people and to our streets.

We've also been featured in an article for Vice which explains more about our politics.