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Community Action on Prison Expansion is a network of grassroots groups fighting prison expansion in England, Wales and Scotland.


They reject the myth that prisons, surveillance and policing can solve social and economic problems, and seek alternatives that keep communities safe and achieve real social justice.

Build Communities Not Cages Poster. Prison Abolition.

Defund the police, invest in our communities. We must shift away from a model based on institutional racism and violence to one which meets people's needs and addresses the root cause of crime.

How to Abolish the Police: Lessons from Rojava

Defund the Police, Invest In Our Communities Poster

Police - not protesters - incite disturbances of public order. Poster made after the Bristol riot of March 2021, in support of the #KillTheBill movement. 

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Poster to support the ongoing #killthebill movement. There is no version of the Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill that is tolerable; we extend the call for all groups and organisations to stand unified in demanding nothing less than a complete rejection of the bill. Design inspired by Grapus.

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We edited our Defund the Police design (above) for a sticker for the #KilltheBill movement. So far, over 35,000 have gone up around the UK- you can pick up 50 stickers for £3 in our shop.